Letter from the President


As we continue on through the remainder of 2017 I want to encourage you to continue looking for opportunities in our wonderful community.  Jessamine County continues to evolve and improve for the better, because people in our community recognize opportunities.  Innovation, inspiration, optimism, aspiration, and boldness are all attributes to building the future of any community.  When these exist opportunity abounds.  The Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce strives to support its members and the businesses it serves in maximizing each and every opportunity.  My wish is that continued investment made in Jessamine County, will result in not only financial success but an improved quality of life for all its citizens.  If you are not a chamber member, I encourage you to become one, if you’re a current member, look for a way to support Jessamine’s continued success.  Together we all make this a great place to live, work and play.

Randall Chewning
Randall Chewning State Farm Agency